New Legislators Sworn In, Committees Assigned

Forty-one new lawmakers were sworn in this week during the ND Legislature’s Organizational Session. This means nearly one-third of the legislators are new to the process and new to county issues. In addition, the House and Senate recently elected new Republican and Democrat leaders. Three out of the four Majority and Minority leaders are new to the role.

During the Organizational Session, legislators heard Governor Burgum’s Budget Address, where he highlighted his priorities for the upcoming session. Lawmakers also picked their desk in their respective chamber and received their committee assignments. Some highlights are:

  • New Appropriations chairs in both House and Senate
    • Senate added three appropriations sub committees
    • New chairmen in 13 committees
    • Senate added a Workforce Development Committee
    • Senate combined part of Government Veterans Affairs and Agriculture to create a Veterans Affairs & Ag committee (House will continue to have both GVA and Ag Committees)
    • Senate revamped Political Subs committee by combining part of GVA to create State and Local Government Committee (House will continue to have Political Subs)

This really highlights how important it is for county folks to meet with their lawmakers in the upcoming weeks to help educate on county government and the issues counties face.

Make sure to tune into the NDACo ILG training Monday, December 12th on the Legislative Process to learn more! Register at

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