Senate to Vote on Infrastructure Funding Bills MONDAY

The Senate will be taking action starting Monday morning on a number of bills that impact the Prairie Dog buckets and infrastructure funding. We encourage you to reach out to your Senators on these bills.

The below snapshot of the “General Fund Share” of oil and gas tax revenues and the associated buckets as of January 2023. This is a good reference as we walk through the “bucket” related bills.

 SB 2275 seeks to remove the $400 million Strategic Investments & Improvements Fund (SIIF) bucket that sits immediately in front of the local buckets that flows funding to non-oil cities, counties, townships and airports for infrastructure. This bill will provide more certainty to the local governments in receiving the Prairie Dog funds in a timely manner. 

Action: NDACo supports SB 2275. While the bill has a Do Not Pass recommendation, we urge you to ask your Senator to support the bill to keep the discussion on the need for local infrastructure funding alive. SB 2275 is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate during their 9 a.m. Floor Session MONDAY.

SB 2367 proposes to increase the state buckets an additional $170 million. An additional $60 million will be split into the two separate state general funds, an additional $60 million into the SIIF fund and $50 million into the Property Tax Relief fund which is used to fund the human service zones. SB 2367 would likely delay funds flowing into the “Prairie Dog” buckets that provides infrastructure funding to non-oil cities, counties, townships and airports.

Action: SB 2367 has a Do Pass recommendation. It is scheduled to be voted on in the Senate MONDAY morning at 9 a.m. Floor Session. NDACo has voiced concerns with increasing the SIIF and state general fund buckets and the potential delay of prairie dog funds.    

SB 2329 was initially proposed to increase funding to townships and was expanded to counties. The bill changes how revenues from the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax would be distributed. Currently, 100% of the revenues go into the General Fund. Under SB 2329 25% of the motor vehicle excise tax revenues would go to townships and counties. SB 2329 is estimated to provide $42 million to counties each biennium.  

Action: SB 2329 has a Do Pass recommendation; the bill will more than likely be voted on Monday or Tuesday.

All three of these bills described will be acted on in the Senate.  Click here to view list of ND Senators

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